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Australian Curriculum


All students at Currumbin Community Special School access the Australian Curriculum. The teaching team implements a systematic curriculum rotation that includes the learning areas:

· English

· Mathematics

· Science

· Health and Physical Education

· Humanities and Social Sciences

· The Arts

· Design and Technologies



Depending on the needs of the individual student their learning plan will reflect a
focus on the curriculum content, general capabilities or cross curricular priorities.


The general capabilities reflect the knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviours across seven domains that students develop as they move through the content of the curriculum.


These domains include literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology capability, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding.


Students may need to focus on the general capabilities at some point during their education journey. Students with complex communication needs and developmental disabilities may need to focus explicitly on the literacy capability 1a, 1b, 1c or 1d as they engage with the content and develop their ability to communicate.


The cross curricular priorities are addressed for the benefit of individuals and Australia as a whole. In the Australian Curriculum, these have become priorities that give students the tools and language to engage with and better understand their world at a range of levels.

The priorities provide national, regional and global dimensions which will enrich the curriculum through development of considered and focused content that fits naturally within learning areas.

The focus of a student’s education will be reflected in personalised learning plans, individual curriculum plans, senior education plans (SETplans), Personal Future


Action Plans (PFAP) and assessed adjusted and reported on twice a year. Our school welcomes conversations from our community regarding curriculum and opportunities for our students.


Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) and Personal Future Action Plan (PFAP)


An individual Curriculum plan is required when students learning outcomes reflect a different year level to that of their same aged peers. Individual curriculum plans are constructed in collaboration with parents / carers, teachers and other relevant stakeholders.

The curriculum is drawn from the current semester’s units of work and aligned to the individual needs of the student. For some students the individual curriculum plan will focus on their development of communication through the General Capabilities.

For others aspects of relevant achievement students appropriate to the student stage of learning will be the focus.

No matter the lens the student is working through they will have access to engaging and challenging learning experiences that are designed by teachers to meet each student’s current educational needs.